S3 8p jacking points Added :)


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I bought a set of those recently. Have yet to install them. I'll probably do it when I go to replace my howling wheel bearing(s).


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Why is it not there from stock?

Since its not installed from stock and/if it's made by Audi.
What is the reason for them haveing this on the part list?

The part no mentioned on the post looks like an 8p no.
8P0 802 845 Front Left Jack Pad - 1 of required
8P0 802 846 Front Right Jack Pad - 1 of required
8N0 804 583 Rubber Buffers - 4 of required
8P0 802 847 Plastic Jack Pad Plugs - 2 of required.

There is also a TT version witch is more shallow and exposed.
8N0 804 583 Rubber Buffer - 4 off required
8N0 803 855 Plastic Securing Plugs - 4 off required

I like the idea by installing this. Don't like to jack up the car leaving
marks and scratches. I always use a rubber/composite plate as a spacer
inbetween. But this can cause unstabitlity if it's not don right.

Looking forward to here more on this.
They should only be used in conjunction with a carlift and not jacks as they can cause the floorpan area to be crushed otherwise (I noticed this start to happen on my 8L A3 on which I used the TT pads).

I fitted mine using an old scissor jack and a large socket, same diameter as the insert sleeve to push the plastic sleeve firmly home, it's a simple 10 minute job.

Let us know how you get on with them, perhaps the 8P floor pans are stronger?


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I thought these were only for use with a car lift and not a standard car jack?

That's my understanding too. All 4 of these points need to be lifted or it will distort.
Maybe someone can correct me if im wrong but thats why I changed my mind about installing these.


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I use a piece of wood in conjunction (pic is of the golf) with large pad on the trolley jack. Works fab on both the A3 and MK5 Golf. And the cost..ZERO..



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Wow, you can eat your dinner off the underside of that car.


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the jack pads came stock with my s3 use em for jacking and for scissor lift, never had any issues and i jack up to extremes for detailing


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Sorry to bump up this old thread.

I have been reading quite a few threads on the s3 jacking points and looking for clarity and a definitive answer.
Can you use a trolley jack and jack on the jacking pads of the s3?
I have bought the esc tuning jack pad adaptor to spread the weight but have read people saying the floor can bend etc.

On the front jack pads on the s3 there is a plastic cover which seems to have been inserted into the lifting point does that have to be removed or do you just jack right on top of it, as its shapped with the hole in the middle for the jack pad adaptor to fit.



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Only use the jacking points under the sill lip if you are just lifting one corner. The ones under the floor need to be used all together, not singley.