S3 8P intake pop


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Nov 8, 2016
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hi guys,

im a new member on here and also new too the vag scene.

i recently bought a revo intake system for my S3 i came round to fitting it last night, all went well untill i started it up, let it warm up then gave it a little rev and when the car came back to idle it made a weird pop sound.

now i had two of my friends there at the time, one has a 350whp A3 2.0tfsi the other a 330bhp S3, so both familiar with these engines but both of them didnt really know what the noise was.

car runs fine and doesnt have a boost or running issues.

can anyone shed any light on the issue??

the car is totally standard apart from the intake.

many thanks!!
Did it just do it once or is it repeatable?? Might be worth checking everything is tight still and hasn't moved at all... and a video might help if it's still doing it.

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Still doing it, i have check all pipes to see if there on properly, all seems ok, im going to check tonight after work see if i caught anything around the area i think, ill try and get a video to show aswell!

thanks dude! :)
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Hopefully you didn't end up dropping something into the intake.

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It's the diverter valve opening and closing, nothing to worry about
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Found exact same thing when fitting a ITG. Seems normal. Maybe sounds like it's coming back through the pipework to the filter?
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Cheers for the input guys! Checked all pipe work, all is as it should be, I triple checked I didn't drop anything in the pipe work as when I was fitting it one of my mates told me the story of someone doing that!!

It seems normal as it drives perfectly fine! I'll keep an eye on it see if anything changes!!

Thanks guys!
My Revo intake makes the same faint pop sound after lifting off accelerator as well