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​I have searched on the forum & cant find a definitive answer, so here goes. I have a 2008 s3 8p(REG Jan 2008), i am just coming up to 38k & have just been to my local dealer for a price for the haldex service & the service that is due.
From the quotes i have read on here from what people have paid for a haldex service, (£70-£90), i have been quoted £165 for the haldex service( oil & filter) & £301 for the service that is due.
As far as i can work out from the service schedule,air filter , brake fluid needs changing, i have recently replaced the front brakes (discs & pads) & had the brake fluid changed. I also have an aftermarket air filter so those 2 things won`t have to be done in the service , so what do they do for a £301 service? Can anyone recommend a vw/audi specialist around Yeovil/somerset that could do this service competently as i don`t `have much faith in the audi dealers from numerous attempts at warranty work!
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I know it may be (is) a good idea to change it and people like to but you might find this interesting

I found this on VWvortex

I also contacted Haldex directly and spoke to Mats Johansson at Haldex North America per the Vortex MK5-R32 Forum!!

Per Mat Johansson and the 3 other VW Technicians I've spoken with, the Gen II Haldex used in the 2006 Passat 4Motion, 2007 AudiTT Quattro, and MKV R32 does not require the fluid and filter change at the 20K Service Intervals like the Generation I system. As a matter of fact, the Generation II system never gets a fluid or filter change.That's correct, Haldex states the Generartion II system is a "SEALED FOR LIFE UNIT THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE OIL AND FILTER CHANGES". http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/new-a3-s3-sportback-8p-chassis/125093-servicing-haldex-question.html#


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Interesting, the service schedule states `Changing oil in haldex coupling @ 38k`. Obviously another grey area, or Audi covering their ***?


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Hi am looking to potentially get into an s3...(2009 to 2011 based on budget)
Can anyone confirm what the haldex service intervals are I'm reading every 40k and in some cases based on time eg. Every 3 years ?


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Do them at 40k Miles and you won't go wrong. I do mine Bi-annually to ensure i never suffer a clogged Haldex filter and pre-covid restrictions that worked out at 35-40k miles anyway.