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S3 8p - Econ staying on VCDS readings inside

COSTA_P Jul 29, 2020 at 6:17 AM

  1. COSTA_P

    COSTA_P Active Member

    Hi All

    so had a new AC Condenser fitted around Christmas time & just got round to having the system re gassed.

    So for that period of time the controlling was running with Econ always on.

    Since re gassing (i wasn't around when this happened the GF was) which apparently went fine & nice cold air was coming out. Econ has been stuck on again.

    I've checked pressures today with a Halfords re gassing kit & the gauge read empty/low. Re gassed again but still the Econ wouldn't turn off.

    Here is a copy of a saved report from VCDS, values don't mean much to me but any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Address 08: Auto HVAC (8P0 820 043 AH)

    18:49:20 Group 001: General
    0.004 A A/C Regulating Valve (N280)
    0.0 % A/C Regulating Valve (N280)
    90.0 % High Pressure Sensor (G65)
    38.0 bar Refrigerant Pressure

    18:49:20 Group 002: Compressor Shut-Off Conditions
    1.0 Current Shut-Off Condition
    3.0 Last Shut-Off Condition
    0.0 Last but One Shut-Off Condition
    0.0 Last but Two Shut-Off Condition

    18:49:20 Group 003: Left Temperature Flap Control Motor (V158) / Potentiometer (G220)
    29.0 Feedback Value (Actual)
    29.0 Feedback Value (Specified)
    31.0 Minimum Position (Lower Stop/Cool)
    211.0 Maximum Position (Upper Stop/Hot)

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