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S3 8L - Handling doesnt seem as good as i'd expect

JonBoi25 Jul 7, 2015

  1. JonBoi25

    JonBoi25 Registered User

    Morning all,

    So ive had my S3 (2nd one) for a few weeks now.

    So far its got/had;
    - adjustable coilovers
    - rear trailing arm powerflex bushes
    - adjustable rear tie bars
    - Front wishbone powerflex bushes (Rear)
    - New ball joints

    Thats all its got handling side of things, I'm getting it tracked today hopefully.

    A few questions;

    - What is the best set up for 4 wheel allignment.?
    i'll hopefully do some track, like to be able to corner quick as apposed to long distance steady speed driving. would like not too much tyre wear though. Its only my weekend car

    - The car feels disconnected at the rear, sometimes it feels more solid through corners but if i eed to brake on entry or lift off throttle a bit it becomes pretty unsettled...
    My theory is the haldex is doing its job and adjusting amount of power to the rear wheels ?? but mid corner or on entry this feels poor. Maybe i just need to get used to it.?

    -Any suggestions for getting a sweet handling set up would be much appreciated as my mates cupra r 225 handles better round corners and teh reason i went s3 is i thought it would tear round bends being temp 4wd

    Cheers in advance
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  3. scotty_24

    scotty_24 Registered User

    I get this feeling as well, like lift off oversteer. My fix is to get all the braking done before the corner, throttle through the corner and full attck on the way out as the 4wd pushes you out of the corner :)
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  4. tomjol

    tomjol Registered User

    What scotty said. You're right, it's the Haldex doing its thing, you need to be on power for it to be "predictable" with a stock controller.

    Poly front wishbone front bushes are a big help, some people go further and fit an adapter (Defcon or Cookbot) to reduce to a 30mm bush.
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  5. JonBoi25

    JonBoi25 Registered User

    I dare say i contemplated a haldex controller and also thought about those horrible rear spring inserts ive seen to reduce spring movement ? :-/
  6. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Registered User

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  7. future

    future Scuderia Vittoria Edition 001

    set up should help this, but any car if your pushing it, will become unstable if you lift mid corner because you are shifting the weight balance. The 4wd on these cars will do its job, but has a little lag before the power is moved around so will take a little getting used to as well
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