S3 8l door adjustment?


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May 19, 2013
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Ever since I had the car the passenger door hasn't sat right the bottom sits slightly proud whilst the top is a little too far in as I sorted the blade today I took a couple pics:

I have searched but can't find if there is any adjustment possible or how if there is strangely the door is solid no movement lifting it up or anything as I'd expect if the hinges were worn. Just wondered if anyone had the same and had managed to sort it?
Cheers all!
Im sure you can adjust the catch, all youll need is a multi spline tool bud.
I did mine the other week... take the door card off, and you'll see that the door is made of two pieces.

A frame, containing the window regulator, and the outer door skin. The frame is adjustable on 4 bolts.

It is pretty tricky and probably easier with two people, but I managed to do it on my own. I found it a bit of trial and error, but the door looks much better than before. Hope this helps...