S3 8L A46 towards Coventry


Looked to be Dolphin Grey, reg started with S300. Got an approving nod as I past him, held pace with me through the traffic then left at the junction with the A45, anyone on here?

@udi A3

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Iirc I have plugged vcds into that car. Last 3 letters make a word up right?

Trying to remember who it was but im terrible at names


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It was meeee!! Was great to see a fellow 8l S3 owner on the roads, don't see many up this way:friends:. Your car looked great, put a smile on my face for the rest of the day :)

@udi A3 my plate reads s300 JPT but they haven't been on long so doubt it was the same car.

Heres a terrible picture of mine...
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There also gops in radford and mine when I visit the family in Coundon from time to time.


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I know they are very rare around these parts,yellow one around Binley and Black one by the tattooists in Radford,saw a hottie driving a black one the other day and thought phwoooaarr

That was me ;) haha! I seen you on nye jase, going towards London Rd at around 5-6ish? Also someone that picked my old Cars to scrap said they knew you! Didn't get his name though..

I think I've seen that s3 around!