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S3 5year service - water pump?

msdmjb Dec 4, 2018

  1. msdmjb

    msdmjb Well-Known Member

    Folks, need a little help please.

    2014 8v S3 - depending on who I talk to I get loads of different answers to what needs doing at 5years. Car has only done 32k miles, has anybody on here had it done yet? I am assuming.........

    - No cam belt change as it is a chain and chain does not have a service interval
    - In Europe there is the option to change the water pump belt on its own (380euro) and also the option to include the water pump itself (500euro)

    If the water pump belt looks/feels good (which it should) presumably there is no need and the 5year service should just be the scheduled 5year.

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  3. Sean6211

    Sean6211 Member

    The belt driving the water pump is not a scheduled replacement item, the factory repair manual doesn't even call for belt replacement even when the water pump is replaced. The water pump is also not a scheduled replacement item, however...

    The water pump itself is a notorious weak point for leaks, as well as the thermostat. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. If you have a slowly dropping coolant level, you have a leak and the leak point is most likely the water pump or thermostat.
  4. Retroman

    Retroman Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)

    I wouldn't be looking to proactively change a trouble-free water pump at just 32,000 miles on a 2014 car. I'll wager it will look as fresh as a daisy and the bearing still as smooth as silk.

    Edit, I suspect you refer to the change of rubber timing belts (aka cam belts) which have an overriding change period of 5-years for lower mileage cars. As they are on the same circuit as the water pump (and so bearing failure could result in the belt coming off) it is often considered good practice to change the pump as well.
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  5. msdmjb

    msdmjb Well-Known Member

    Thanks folks, I was just surprised by the water pump options being displayed on the Audi.FR website


    Gut feel is I will do nothing other than the standard 5yr.
    For anybody still listening, the Audi.UK website says the car needs a cambelt change!

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  6. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red saloon Audi A3

    Mine will be 5 years and 40K next Oct. When I had the service done this year I asked about next year and they said cam belt change and recommend water pump at the same time. With the rest of the service and MOT estimate £1K.
    I am intending to get advice and quote from an independant nearer the time.
  7. msdmjb

    msdmjb Well-Known Member

    If you have a cam belt then Audi do suggest 5years and if you do it then do the water pump as well.

    However Audi CS kinda suggested to me that if you had the cam belt changed and it went pop or didn't get the cam belt changed and it went pop they wouldn't view it any differently! I don't know why fundamental components like that if replaced as per OE spec and timelines aren't then guaranteed until their next replacement including related losses.

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