S3 2014 model Haldex oil change?.

RS3 S.

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First time I've owed a 4 x4 drive car & just wondered when/if the oil-filter needed to be changed please?.


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Haldex is now time based rather than mileage based, so 3 years (is not normally included in a Service Plan) for the first oil change.


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in my case I do:

each 15000 km engine oil and filters.

each 30000km engine oil, filters, DSG , haldex.

each 60000km G13



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Mines in for first MOT next week and they are changing the Haldex oil then. DSG is 38.000 miles so will be the next owners problem.

Have Audi complete so I think it's covered by that.


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I has STronic oil change at 37k, now on 39k and its asking for the Haldex. Would have been nice for Audi to mention it at the time and save me a lot of messing about!


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I just did 30k km service and car Just under 3yrs old and it was normal service plus Haldex and bleed brakes and brake fluid.
Since I'm tuned I do service every 10k km instead. Next service is tyres for me and following will be DSG service.
Good maintenance important to keeping car running well long term.