S3 20 spoke wheel swop?


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My brother is looking at a mint 57 plate S3, but he does not like the 18" 20 spoke wheels fitted to it.
My question is what is the general opinion of these wheels and would anybody be interested in swopping them for a standard set of 18" wheels or if anyone has a set of mint standard wheels for sale this is an option too.
Assuming he buys the car of course. At the moment he is considering not buying because of the wheels.

Standard wheel

20 spoke wheel fitted


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Your brother is mad!!

I bet you lots and lots of people will be willing to do the swap :)


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i dunno why everyone goes ga-ga over those 20 spoke wheels. i think they're :puke:


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I'd possibly be interested in buying them from him if he wants to sell them?


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Just trying to gauge interest. I personally don't like them. The car they are on is mint, but I just wonder what the lacquered rims would look like in another couple of years. The picture above is of one of the wheels fitted to the car he is looking at. The Audi garage has said they would swap the wheels with another car they have in stock, but are not interested in swapping the tyres. The tyres fitted to the 20 spokes are new and the other car with the standard wheels has about 5mm on them.
If he can find some standard ones they would definitely be up for sale.


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i could be interected in a sawp if he goes ahead


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as would i, ive a spare set anyway due o me owning facelifts though these would be a bit extravagent for the winter hmmmm


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Bit of an update. I think the dealer is going to play ball & swap them for a standard set with new tyres fitted. I could not believe they wouldn't swop them, after all they were a £500 option that he is giving up. After my brother said he wasn't interested with the 20 spokes fitted they decided they might be able to do something. He has put a deposit on it and is going to look and sort a deal out on Sunday. Hopefully he will get the deal he wants.


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mate if he gets the car he will shift those wheels no problem as above