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S2 Avant front driveshafts

stigzs2 Jun 6, 2004

  1. stigzs2

    stigzs2 New Member

    Hi all,

    I`ve have to change the "cv" boots on the front driveshafts, and have been told that once the hubs and driveshafts are separated the "cv" itself can be hit with a mash hammer to get them off the shaft. I have am at this stage now but my challenge is that they don`t seem to want to come off.
    Can anyone please help with some info on how they should come off..?

    Thanks !
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  3. Doug_RS2

    Doug_RS2 Member

    I am sure there is a trick to this where you do not hit it with a hammer but use the bolt to push it off - look on www.s2forum.com - I read it somewhere in there.

  4. stigzs2

    stigzs2 New Member

    Doug rs2,

    Thanks for your input my friend. I managed to "suss" it by getting the car up in the air it was easier to knock them off.
    Also i just found out about something called a " stretch boot " which will fit over ( with aid from the special cone tool ) any cv joint, saving the need for removal.
    I guess we live and learn .


    ps, "Europarts" supplied the wrong cv kits too, so i`ll be careful before i use them again.+ They called my car "oddball " damn cheek!

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