S2 (ABY) Fusebox Wiring Plug Help Needed


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i have recently replaced a fire damaged fusebox on a 1994 2.2L S2 (Engine Code ABY) but need a little help to finish off the electrics.

I have managed to get nearly everything back to where it belongs after a very long day tracing wires and studying diagrams but i am stuck on one remaining connector plug.
I bought a 2nd hand fusebox with all the connector plugs and part of the wiring loom still connected to it which made the job a lot easier as it meant that i knew which colour wire went where. However the last plug is slightly different to what is fitted to the car and i have ended up with a couple of extra wires which i don't know what positions they go in the connector.

This is the plug in question, it lives on the N/S of the fusebox under the scuttle panel and clips in fore and aft below the air con and radiator fan relays....


The 4 wires on the loom that go into the plug match the colours shown but i also have a brown wire and a double black/yellow wire and i am not sure which positions they clip into the connector. One of these wires also had a 2" loop with a 2nd terminal but i am not sure which one. The wiring on this plug on the cars loom was an unrecongisable birds nest of melted plastic/copper so i can't figure out where it went.

The car that the fuse box came from didn't have air con so i am hoping that this is what the wires are for.

Can anyone take a photo of this plug for me so i can finish off this job and get the car back on the road.

I have had the car started and every thing does seem to be working but i wont know until i road test the car.


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Have you managed to sort this issue?
if not all the wiring diagrams for the S2 are on s2central.net