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Hey guys, im brand new to this forum.

Im coming here because unfortunately, ive found a lot of metal in my transfer case and gearbox. Something seems to be making a crunching sound while in reverse as well.

Ive stopped driving my car until i get a gearbox recondition & new transfer case.

Besides a direct replacement, are there any other gearboxes or transfer cases i can use on it? ive heard of people using golf R parts in their S1's.

If your gearbox has gone, let me know what happened and how you fixed it as well!

Info about my car :

2015 Audi S1 (based in australia)
Was a stage 2 with an uprated intercooler, sachs clutch upgrade & resurfaced DMF, REVO Intake system and a 3" downpipe with 100cel cat

it is now stage 3 with an IS38 turbo, however i havent even driven it due to the discovery of the transfer case & gearbox oil situation.

Let me know!

Kind regards, Christian