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Greetings all, I apologise if this is a "stuck record thread"...
I have just bought, well I am transferring funds as we speak a 2017 S1! :yahoo:
I am looking at a few upgrades firstly a shiny new exhaust, to that end please can I have your thoughts?!
I want a nice sounding system, without the Chav-Cannon note and I only really want to here it when it's on song, so here I go

  • Resonated or Non-resonated?
  • Milltek?
  • Scorpion?
Any other advice would be gratefully received,
Thanks in advance



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I get positive comments on my exhaust which is just the stock one tbh and personally find it just right volume wise as it's a lot louder than most in dynamic mode. Just make sure you've put it into dynamic mode even if it was already in dynamic mode on startup as that's a faux dynamic mode and it won't open the lefthand valve. If that's still not enough then:

- Resonated gives a deeper tone whereas non resonated makes it sound more tinny (my personal preference is strongly towards resonated but each to their own).
- Milltek (not familiar with them on the S1 but had one on my Swift Sport and it was no louder than stock which was already too quiet. It was also WAY heavier but that said it was a much nicer tone.
- Scorpion (again not familiar with the S1 specifically sorry) tends to be a bit cheap build quality wise and loud with not an especially well engineered tone.

Have you looked into a Remus or Supersprint? They're the best exhausts I've had on my cars.
Hope that's helpful but tbh you'll struggle to get lots of feedback as this forum tends to be really quiet unfortunately.


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Hi VeeFource,

I thought it was a bit quiet on here!.
Thank you for the advice, much appreciated :thumbs up:


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Oh God... another option I hadn't considered :laughing:
Does that configuration require a remap?
Thanks for the advice

Gio G

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Get yourself on the S1 Facebook page for modifying questions. Only old farts like me keep the S1 standard it seems. Agree with VeeForce, in dynamic has just the right sound..


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