S1 clutch replacement advice?


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Hi All
I have a 2017 S1 Stage 1 remapped to 300bhp 440nmtq (325 ft-lb) and the clutch is starting to slip. I have heard that though the original clutch is rated to 407 ft-lb in reality it is made of cheese! Can anyone answer these questions so I know what' best to do please:

1. Does the car have a DMF as standard?
2. Is the 407 ft-lb original clutch rating correct?
3. Should I go for a Sachs, RTS or is there another better option?
4. Should I go for twin friction, sintered x 4 paddle or 5 paddle type?
5. What difference will the paddle options make to the clutch sharpness/drivability.

If anyone can answer any of these questions I would appreciate your help?


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Update: Am having a RTS paddle clutch fitted at moment, will update how it goes but anyone else got experience with these?


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Yes replaced mine recently on a 300hp tune, stock clutch was slipping, RTS miles better, stiff but solid


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Only seen people have issues with the RTS but apparently it needs pre-loading which maybe why? Check your installer knows what to do with it.