For Sale S1 17" OE Alloys + Conties, A1 Matts & int dipping mirror & htd side mirrors


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Alas i sold my S1 in december, which is sorely missed, but i was running 4 cars and he Audi had done about 300 miles since the summer.

I have left in the stash:

A car set of orignal S1 Alloys, the 17" standard in silver, good condition apart from one has a few mini-chip on a face (tyre fitter) with orignal 215 conties - around 6.5mm on the rears and 5.5 on the front (they'd done about 5,000 miles).

They're in my lock-up so will get them out, wash and post pics. £500 posted uk for all 4 if anyone is intereted?

A pair of front rubber matts (A1), boot protector (one small hole) - £30 posted the lot

An internal auto- dipping mirror kit - inc mirror and kufatec (or similar) wiring loom - i just never got round to fitting it - fits A1, S1 and Q3 (prev model) i think £60 posted

A pair of mirror bases, heated and electric (not powerfolding) and the requisite door controllers £60 (can be used to upgrade basic A1 mirrors