S-tronic Question


Beer God

I used to post/live in here a very long time ago but havent owned an Audi for over a decade HOWEVER Ive seen a nice tidy low mileage sportback

Thinking of buying a A3 TDI with S Tronic gearbox, are they any good? I havent ever driven an automatic, my racing around days are long behind me so not interested in ragging it about redlining.

Its a 150ps version, I hoped to get a 184 variant but they are kind of rare or out of my price range, whats the 150PS version like for remapping?

I'll of course test drive it but if anyone has any tips or things to look out for or advice that they would like to share that would be ace. Cheers. :)


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I think you’re in the wrong sub-forum, this is the 8L section (mk1 A3). The mk2 is 8P and the mk3 is 8V. Check the first two digits of the chassis number to know which forum to post in but sounds like you want the 8V section. I have a late 2016 S3 (8V series) with 7 speed s-tronic gearbox and its wonderful. Fast to change gear and really smooth. Can’t fault it.