s tronic mechatronic woes..


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so finally an update!,cant quite believe its been since before easter but i finally got my car back today with its new gearbox,i had to pay £878.00 plus vat,but its scary reading the invoice,£7200 for the gearbox,£2250 for another mech unit (before labour and vat!),loads of oil,pipes and other bits and bobs.
after getting to know them very well over these last two months the service manager told me today they will even supply a pair of audi bike racks for my allroad,as he knew i was into mountain biking,they also checked and fixed a couple of other minor issues.
first impression on driving it is very positive,it feels a lot smoother than before,way better than when they just replaced the mech box first time around,the car does not feel so "urgent" in gear 1/2 as though it wants to stall etc.i'm still not bursting with confidence as yet but feel it wont take long before i'm taking it for granted and putting this whole affair behind me.
all in all it has not been a pleasent experience but to anyone going through similar issues,stick at it,be polite but firm and never feel afraid to escalate the issues beyond the dealership and up the audi chain,it does seem to help.
thanks for all those on this forum who gave of there time and offered support and helpful advise it's appreciated.
....i'm hoping you will not here from me again on this gearbox issue...but you never know!:sadlike:


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All in all a new gearbox for under a grand with a set of bike racks thrown in i would say you had a very good outcome from that!
i'm not sure if my gearbox is playing up... it drives fine but can be a bit grouchy if i leave it in D when in traffic when the box is hot. if i flip to manual then it's fine. just can be a bit rough downshifting to first and disengaging the clutch at the same time when coming to a stop in traffic. Absolutely dreading any possible faults. it is due a oil change though so that's my first port of call. It's on a 2011 car so i'm hoping i have the revised mech unit. a lot of forums has said it's just a character of the dsg boxes.


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Good result @costello but as you point out its been a rather unpleasant experience!


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Glad you got a result mate on it, sounds like a crappy time but should feel more happy in the car now with a new box.
Have you approached the refund on the warranty piece?

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I've been offered a pro rata refund on the warranty,so approx 6 months worth...but at this point I'm thinking of just keeping it going just in case something else goes pop,I've got a week or so to decide so I'll see how I feel after I come back from a planned few days in Brecon;)