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S-Tronic lost oil while driving

Okitoo May 28, 2018

  1. Okitoo

    Okitoo New Member

    Hi guys,
    This is my first post here!
    I'm Driving an Audi A6 G4 2011 2.8 FSI quattro s-tronic 7 gears with little less than 75000 km.

    Was drivingon the highway when suddenly the car was changing gears while not accelerating, it will throw down a gear, then back up in less than a second. after 1-2 KM a gearbox icon showed in the dash, with message about some gear malfunction, limited functionality, you can keep driving (not sure what was the actualy message).

    I drove about 5km before i could find a place to stop, checked under the car, there was oil pouring under the gearbox (checked engine all - fine, coolant fine ...all fine). so i susspect its the gearbox oil.

    After an hour, a tow truck arrived, we started the car again, and tried to drive it up the truck, but no gears were to engage (also there were a message that the reverse is not available).

    Towed the truck away and waiting for the company to call me with a diagnosis... But i'd rather not be billed for a whole gearbox!

    what might be the problem here? could it be just some oil pipe? replace it , fill oil and go ?
    anyone had this issue before? i searched the internet but could not find anything!

    I would really appreciate to hear what you guys have to say and learn from your experience.

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  3. Okitoo

    Okitoo New Member

    Mechanic found out a hole in the filter (not sure where it came from).
    refilled oil and all is working again.
    The car has rough upshift to 2nd and 3rd gear, and gearshifts are slow sometimes specially when the car is still cold, but become OK after it runs for 15-20 minutes (i did a re-learn from vcds)...
    I'm getting upset with all those issues in a car barely drove 75k
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