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S tronic Jerky

Jay_87 Dec 13, 2017

  1. Jay_87

    Jay_87 New Member

    Hi guys/girls.

    I've owned my 8 speed S tronic A4 TFSI for just about 6 weeks now and 3 of the weeks have been spent at back in the garage. I originally took the car in because the LED back lighting wasn't working on the temp gauge but I also mentioned the gearbox seemed to be jerky.

    When pulling away in 1st the revs build but the car doesn't move then all of sudden its like dropping the clutch and the car launches forwards, it doesn't do it all the time but it is getting a bit more common.... surely this isn't right?

    I dropped the car back with the Lexus garage I bought it from, they sent it to a local VAG specialist who did the basic of changing the oil and filter but then said it needs a new gearbox, the car then when to the local Audi dealer who said they couldn't find any faults!

    Has anyone had experienced this before? I have read that DSG boxes can be a little jerky at times due to the nature of them being dual clutched and actually disengaging from the engine at a standstill as opposed to the normal old fashioned auto gearboxes with torque converter but it really is very jerky at times even to the point where its causing the wheels to spin slightly.

    I've got the car back now and it still doesn't feel right.

    I had a ED30 GTI DSG before this A4 and never experienced this jerkiness.
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  3. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    Time is on your side with the Consumer Rights Act.

    If it is a new gearbox no one wants to pay out or admit liability for north of £10k .

    Audi dealer hasn't helped as all their products are perfect...

    Probably best out of it and join the growing band of those who would never have
    S-Chronic .
  4. Jay_87

    Jay_87 New Member

    I am thinking should I hand it back and be better off with a manual. Its going back to Lexus and they'll be sending it back to Audi, something isn't right with it.

    I bought the car from Sytner Select after being stung when buying from small traders I though buying from a big company would be better......
  5. Chris Paulin

    Chris Paulin Active Member TFSI Owners Group Audi TT Audi TTS S tronic DSG

    I bought an SLK from Evans Halshaw, again thinking "reputable company" they made a backstreet car dealer look like a saint!

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