S-tronic gearbox malfunction


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Hi guys, I am in hope that someone has had this before and it's not a major one.
It's an A7 3.0tdi quattro 180kw with s-tronic gearbox.
Yesterday after running 50miles at speeds around 100mph the " Gearbox malfunction. You can continue driving. Limited functionality " appeared on the dashboard and the gearbox went into limp mode. From time to time the gearbox entered limp mode and then it was ok again till I got home.
Left it for 3hours and then started with no prob and everything was fine for another 20miles of driving trough traffic when went into limp mode again for about 2 miles ( 10 mins) and then back to normal.

I've had a VCDS scan and the fault comes as :

Address 02: Auto Trans (J217) Labels: 0B5-927-156.clb
Part No SW: 4G0 927 156 K HW: 0B5 927 156 F
Component: 0B5 30 TDIRdW H10 0010
Revision: --H10--- Serial number: 0000000575
Coding: 000001
Shop #: WSC 02311 785 00200
ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDL501 A02087
ROD: EV_TCMDL501.rod
VCID: 346DE4D69FF86FE11B-8060

1 Fault Found:
8029 - Main Pressure Valve
P179C 00 [032] - Electrical Malfunction
Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

Any toughts ? Suggestions ?

Thanks in advance .


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Forgot to mention the car has 70k miles and I owned it since 32k and I've never changed the transmission oil or filter.