S-tronic gearbox behavior following emissions update


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I had my A4 (2.0TDi S-tronic quattro) updated three months ago - ever since then, between 60-70 MPH, the car can't decide what gear to be in and flaps between 6 and 7 constantly, now and again kicking down to 5th...

Has anyone else seen this and managed to get it fixed?




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I am having similar 'issues' with mine although I have the CVT gearbox.

The new map Audi put on with the emissions update as changed how my gearbox reacts and feels during normal day to day driving.

When cruising on the motorway at say 65 as soon as I hint at touching the accelerator, it kicks down when it didn't before.

Seems to hold gears longer and kick down sooner than it did, I am not happy with the way it feels now but not much I can do apart from try and revert to the original map.

It's all because of the new map and how the gearbox handles the new map.........from what I've been lead to believe.

So not an issue as such just something you have to get used to.


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Our 2.0TDI S-Tronic Quattro hasn't done that. Also they map they alter is on the engine ECU, not the gearbox ECU / TCM so it can't be related.

The fix mostly revolves around injector timing / spray sequence and EGR manipulation to fix the emissions. Neither of which have anything to do with the gearbox.