S-mode (in City) overreving


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I love the sounds that the TT makes when in S-mode dynamic.
Problem is that is difficult to drive like this in the city. The transmission S-mode holds the 2nd gear and readlines too long.
It is on the brink of shifting around 31-32mph to 3rd (city speed limit is 30mph). So I am forced to either go over the speed limit or listen and have others listen to an over-reving engine in 2nd gear. (like I'm some 16 year old Honda Civic ricer).

Will a DSG remap help me with this?

I'm ok with the shifting point being around 31mph. I just wish that the transmission was shifting more readily from 2nd to 3rd. Instead of hogging the 2nd gear too much for no reason.

My first post so be nice