S line vs e-tron emblems on my A3 e-tron


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Although this is a forum for cool S3 and A3 cars, I hope you give me forgiveness for my questions up against my cool, well packed and ordered A3 E-tron.:kissmyrings:;) Therefor;

S line vs E-tron badges?

The car comes with e-tron emblems in front grill, trunk behind and on both sides. I wonder removing e-tron emblems on the side and put on S line badges instead, since I booked with S line sport package.

What do you think about this ??


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Personally, I'd keep the e-tron badges, but it's up to your own preferred choice. Go for it if you that's what you want, but beware both the S line and e-tron police :angrymod: