S line front bumper grills



Look about right to me - decent price too.
I bought one after a snow-related incident from an ebay seller in Middlesborough, and that was £30. Mind you, I had it the next day!


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I have genuine s line grills somewhere in the house I'll see if I can find them if you want to make a reasonable offer?


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May I ask where you got the grill from?

I've recently picked up a B7 cab but the grill has sustained some damage and I can't seem to find one for what I'd call a reasonable price.

Craig Cull

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Cheap bumper that! Grill alone is worth £200


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Cheap bumper that! Grill alone is worth £200
Cheers, yer couldn't belive it myself when I won it!
Was buy it now to not even a auction!

Right gave it a clean 2day and got better pics of the damage,
Hope going goin off to the body shop next Week :)

Been quoted about £150-£200 to get it fixed and sprayed up for me :)

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major difference is that the s-line bumpers are deeper and deeper grill fitted to match, larger aerospoiler on the bottom edges too and larger/different foglights.