S/E Audi dealers?


sandra has asked if we could organise a meet at a dealers, i also think this would be a cool location, spot for shots ect.

i know of two audi dealers near me,

1, chingford = no space to park when dropping a car off let alone holding a meet

2, bishops stortford = always seems to be brand new cars and always locked up when i go past :(

what im asking from our members is if there are any near you that could have room to accomidate us or a carpark that overlooks the auudi dealership

thanks in advance knoxie :)


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Hmmm good idea. I know Chelmsford Audi is on a industrial estate. Stays lit up at night I think so could pull up next to it for a few shots


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there's poole audi by me when i'm in my hometown. not sure of the ones in bucks yet but i'll find out soon enough


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There 3 audi dealers in my area, eastbourne, canterbury and one at tonbridge. Know the one at tonbridge has held open days before, they have held 2 that i know of!! maybe they could come up with something?


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Guys it would be good if you could do an audi dealer meet, we have had 2 in scotland and we have had allocated parking after speaking with them. In glasgow we had service parking area as it was a sunday. At edinburgh, they allocated us 25/30 spaces and we had to ask for more as we had 40 cars. If you dont ask, you dont get. I would be moat delighted if you could try run with this idea please. Thanks all. :) x


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From previous experience in dealing with Audi dealers. They will move cars for you if you give them ample notice. If you have a look at the photos of our last Scottish meet in Edinburgh they moved approx 40 cars so we had lots of space for our meet. If they have a problem with it then ask them to phone up either Glasgow or Edinburgh Audi to enquire about ASN meets. The Edinburgh garage especially had nothing but good things to say about the ASN meet.....they loved us being there and customers were looking round all the cars that pitched up........good marketing for them.


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I work at east Kent Audi in canterbury and we have a rather large car park here so that could be a possibility?


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I work at east Kent Audi in canterbury and we have a rather large car park here so that could be a possibility?

Lol... I was just reading through this thread and thinking that you work there!

There are always loads of spaces outside the Canterbury branch...