Rubber mats?


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Hi I own audi a3 s line be 61 plate 3 door im after a nice set of rubber mats for front and back but cannot find some decent ones ? Something like the pic below anyone no where can I purchase some pls


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If you type genuine Audi A3 rubber mats into EBay you get to that advert. I would avoid non oem mats as sometimes they have a very strong smell or the quality is poor.

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I went for genuine rubber mats and can't fault them. Got them from my local Audi dealer, a bit pricey but fit perfectly.


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You don’t have to avoid OEM mats but it can be pot luck like anything else that you can’t handle before buying. I do have some nice rubber non oem non smelly and reasonable quality mats that I got off of eBay. Can’t find the link to them anymore as I’ve had them a few years now.


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The ones from the picture is original mats for A3 AV model. I got them myself.

For my A3 8P I did have non OEM at they fitted and were in perfect condition. No smell


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In the group buy page in classifieds they are in there


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The link i gave you was for 2012 on wards,(my mistake).check their website they do rubber mats front and rears for less than £30.0 You could give them a call to discuss fitment.


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Dunno if you’re able to but does anyone know anywhere I can buy a rubber mat for the drivers side only? I work at an airport and don’t wanna get the de icing material they use on the carpet mat.

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Trevolly, most come in pairs. Genuine Audi ones do, worth it I have then in mine.


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