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RSN-E Questions..

terrymcg Dec 14, 2006

  1. terrymcg

    terrymcg Member

    When retrofitting the rns-e unit to a car with bose do you need a different plug and play adapter? Are there any shops in UK sell these? Does the unit have to be coded for bose if it came from a car with no bose? Lastly how do you know bose is working, does it display it on the screen at start up?


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  3. Silverfox42badger

    Silverfox42badger RS4 Saloon


    There are a number of options available for this - but depending on what you are replacing the unit for (i.e. Symphony or RNS-D), the cabling requirement differs - also the year / revision of the car has an impact.

    I got mine from www*uni-trade*pl via ebay for about £30 as could not find anyone obvious or confident in what I was after in the UK. I was careful to specify all of the above to check before committing. They seem to know what they are doing. You will also need an aerial / Diversity conversion - again depending on what you are replacing.

    WRT the visual display with Bose, I recently had an A3 Sportback with RNS-E and Bose and this did not show up Bose on startup. I think it would not work at all without coding for Bose being in place. Depending on the source of the unit you may need to update the RNS-E with VAG COM, and don't forget to update your DIS with VAG COM.

    Hope this helps.

  4. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    I found all the info I needed on the navplus forum, I used kufatec.de in germany who allow you to configure your lead exactly to your car, dont forget you probably also need an aerial adapter from Symphony to RNS, its the wrong type as standard in the car and a splitter lead for the diversity anntennae, unless you want to start hacking cables about this is worth buying.

    Bose needs pins connected in the adapter lead to send signals to power the amp from the RNS without it I think the rear speakers wont work,

    I didnt need to do any coding at all, even the DIS works showing all the NAV details on screen, really is an easy job, just a real pig to get the old symphony out even with the right keys,

    for info the full set of leads from kufatec take about 7 days to come and are about £60 all in I seem to think

    have fun
  5. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    Unfortunately, Kufatec is in German so I cant fekin work the site out!!!

    I've got a 2005 A3 with Symphony II, bose and bluetooth phone prep. I'll be fitting RNS-E soon.

    Anyone know of a UK seller of the appropriate cable or know how to drive Kufatec.de ???? :think:
  6. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    I ordered my set from the same place as Dan, 'www*uni-trade*pl' via fleabay. I've only just ordered them though so they've not arrived as yet.
  7. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    Fantastic - thanks for that.

    I've found this from that seller : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120082929071&fromMakeTrack=true

    Does this look like the correct cable if I have Symphony, Bose and Phone prep with Bluetooth?

    I think it is....... can anyone confirm?

    Muchos thanks :beerchug:
  8. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    The listing mentions its fine for Symphony II, BOSE and the telephone so I'd say it was correct. I have ordered the same one although I dont have that lot so at the moment it wont matter to me.
  9. a3guy

    a3guy Member

    kuffatec harnesses are rubbish the one i got had no bose pin. and had a couple of wires incorrectly wired up.
  10. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I have a suggestion: could we start putting general RNS-E threads in the ICE section of this website? It would not only keep the A3 8P section a bit tidier (interest in RNS-E retrofitting is off the scale at the moment!) but there's a lot of crossover because A4 and A6 owners will have similar questions, and generally speaking the installation process is the same. You'll probably get a faster response too, unless your query is totally specific to the A3.

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