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RSN-E Install Help

chr999chr Nov 14, 2017

  1. chr999chr

    chr999chr New Member

    Hi All

    Just looking a bit of help with the installation of my RSN-E Sat Nav
    A4 B7 MFSW Bose

    Q1 I have connected it up and think i have moved Bose B5 to B7 and C7 to B5. But could anyone confirm the colour of the wire left over the B7 wire? I have a solid green wire left over.

    Q2 Coding, on VCDS 17 Instruments Adaptation. Selected channel number 62 which was 19 and changed it to 0004. Some places say add + 4 to the value so should this be now 23?

    Q3 I cannot connect to the navigation section says controller not found. But the sat nav seems to be working and is showing up in the DIS.

    Q4 Mann there is a loud buzzing and humming even when the head unit is switched off. It seems to change with speed.

    Sorry for all the questions

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