RS6 V10 Sedan - 9 second car - what kind of tune?


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Hi all, since we have a small oil leak and in the near future the engine needs to come out we are planning on taking this car to the next level.

We got kicked in the sensitive area on the highway recently, by a Lamborgini Performante towards a nearby car show (600+ HP 1300-1400KG) and that left us wondering what we want to do with the car.

Since we have a small oil leakage for a while, the engine does need to come out and we know this engine has some potential. We have seen someone on youtube doing 9.9x on the 1/4th mile with his RS6 (Youtube Gogi RS6) and we would love to do the same.

Our question is what kind of turbo's can we use for this setup? Does anyone have tuned their RS on a similar way, any experiences towards gearbox upgrades/swaps or tuning? What is the maximum tune for this car without going too far? (No NOS, or cutting out sections for larger turbo's, interior needs to stay intact).

All inserts and experiences/tips are welcome! Thank you.

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