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RS6 head unit not accepting unlock code

ChrisA. May 16, 2020

  1. ChrisA.

    ChrisA. Registered User

    Evening everyone.

    I’ve just brought an Audi RS6 on an 05 plate (will write up an introduction post after I’ve collected her on Tuesday) however there’s an issue with the stereo.
    As far as I understand the stereo was working well until the battery was disconnected for mechanical work. After reconnecting the head unit asked for its security code. The owner inputted the code however the unit does not accept it.
    The owner took the details from the side of the head unit and paid to have the code sent to him, thinking that the code he had might be wrong, however the code he received was the same that he had.
    Any ideas what could be the issue and ideas to resolve it please.

    Thanks for your help,
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  3. W55LSY

    W55LSY Registered User

    Is it an rns-e? My RS3 locks me out for 59 running minutes before I can try again.

    I bought a code and went to enter the data, but the ****** 59 min timer came up. I decide to unplug the unit to try get back to the pin input screen, and it started working!?

    I know it’s random, but could work?! ‍♂️

    also, I don’t know this as a fact, but I’ve ‘heard’ that Audi down units believed to be stolen. Was yours a retro fit??
  4. ChrisA.

    ChrisA. Registered User


    Sorry for the late reply. My issue was with a RSN-D, however the fault would also be presented like this in a RNA-E. Your problem doesn’t sound the same as mine.

    Anyway I created a how to fix on the RS246.com forum.


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