RS6 grille doesn't fit!!!!! [emoji34]


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So I bought an RS6 grille from ebay.
Some guy in the UK who bought it but didn't fit it to his car. Advertised as to fit 2011 onwards.
Anyway after spending 5 hours struggling to get the bumper off and then the old grille off I realised the new grille doesn't fit.
Does anyone know why this grille is different or is this for a facelift A6???
I'm trying to return it but I bought it after an eBay listing ended without meeting the reserve and we made a deal and I paypalled him the cash.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I'm starting to understand the subtle differences between the pre FL and FL. The RS grill looks like the FL, as the bottom edge is straight er and the angles to the sides are sharper. Your original looks like the pre FL. Sorry, doesn't help[ your predicament, mind.