Rs6 gearbox c5

Keith 420

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Hi all i was driving down the road the other day came time to overtake so banged down to hyperdrive pedal she kicked down then a got 1 he'll of a bang and that's it no drive no lights on the dash nothing car says it's in gear forward or reverse park but goes nowere any ideas from you guy would be great 2003 rs6 c5

Thanks keith

Keith 420

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Right so I jumped in the rs this morning fired her up let it warm up so she was ticking over at 800 rpm if I select reverse the revs drop abit and stay there next is park revs pick back up next drive revs drop as they should no noises banging nothing just slight difference in revs as autos do no lights no hints at all could this be the transfer box how can I test to see if the box is toast I no the output shaft seal leaked abit so I'm thinking it is the transfer say it ran out of oil and gave up

If anyone could tell me if there is a way of testing it I would be gratefull


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Keith, I would say either it's transmission failure, or you've broken a driveshaft.

How did you get the car home? I presume it's not still stuck on the road?


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sorry to say that it sounds like your gearbox has went, could be the torque converter, could be the oil level or the filter, could be the switch or control valve.

very common fault, the boxes really are s***t and the reason I ended up selling my rs6.

the car had £12k spent on gearboxes and mine still blew up on the outside of the M6 - I just couldn't trust it anymore.

I would suggest getting the car scanned via VCDS first, but may need to have the box pulled out, which is not a cheap job.