rs6 exhaust fitted on my 4.2 quattro


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i'm putting an rs6 rear bumper on my 4.2 quattro and obviously i need to do something with the exhausts as my 2 are the hidden type.

Does anyone know if 2 original rs6 backboxes will be an easy replacement to my current 2? Am I better off getting something aftermarket made up?

A quick respose would be really appreciated as I've been offered the rs6 backboxes and need to make a decision.



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i have the complete rs6 catback lying in my garage atm, do you want buy it?


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the guy that posted on here (dummi) wanted £600 or 700 the complete exhaust. I only wanted the 2 backboxes which should be around half that.......

If thats what you are looking for then send him a pm, seems a fair price!


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You could have a full S/S system to your design and preference made up for half that! and fitted