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Sep 7, 2014
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There appears to be a number of upset and concerned customers with RS6 C7's on order.

A number who have week 37 builds seem to be on hold with no update available.

My build has been confirmed as week 45, however with orders in front I am concerned despite the dealer ( who has been super helpful ), confirming we are at "status 20" which means its books and confirmed.

Not being convinced by this I have taken to twitter, where it seems a computer generated reply keeps coming back.

Issue appears to be down to:
-Ultra demand
-Face lift re tooling and planning
-Exclusive options.

I have sought other opinions, as Audi letting down their premium customers does little to support the premium market aspirations.

Any news anyone?
Well a very helpful Gent from Audi UK, who called me, confirmed that my car is due for build wk 38! So improved on what was expected. I suggest anyone with delayed/ on hold deferred deliveries contacts Audi via twitter and asks for clarification.
Its arrived and its quite an amazing car. Use much breeder then the C6, as it behaves quite calmly when you are gentle but is a absolute beast when let go. A lot more refined than the C6 drive wise, which could be read as less engaging, brakes better and it feels lighter and the balance better. Have not given it the beans yet, but cant wait to though!
It did happen, no ****** time. Just upto 850 miles so will start to let go soon.....
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Yeah it takes quite a long time to press click and then upload a picture for us RS 6 enthusiasts.... :p
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and now its dirty to boot, done 1000 miles now so the horses are being released.
Av4nt, car getting some love after a 70 mile round trip to re fuel, such are my feelings for driving the machine.

Managed to play with some of the settings a bit more today. On the individual setting I have tried all on Dynamic bar the steering and suspension which I leave on Auto, dynamic ride is pretty taught I feel and unless smooth ( ala Auto Bahn ) its not that enjoyable for me at least. Steering, I would like to see the steering become heavier earlier, as in Auto it still feels like its in town mode even when pressing on. Dynamic in town and when slow is a bit hefty. Got the exhaust to sing pulling out of a junction too today, like that lots.

Despite some fairly enthusiastic busts still managed 22.5 mpg, which I find quite amazing, maybe not trying hard enough!

Refining and playing will continue.

I hope the image meets with your approval.

IMG 1560
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Goes without saying it's a lovely motor. Those wheels are nice too, wasn't sure at first but since seen a few photos of them and in the flesh and they look great. In fact, Audi have a few good wheels out at the moment IMHO.
This shot was taken on a 70 mile round trip to re fuel, some nice and well trodden country roads tested the beast nicely. Just seeking excuses all the time for outings. A trip to Germany now appeals, it needs to 100 Octane Optimax ( as I recall they still call it or is it V Power ) as a treat. Worth the few hundred miles I would argue!

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