RS6 Alloys on 2.0TDI Sport


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Hi I've recently upgraded the alloy wheels to some genuine rs6 S line style alloys. They are on my 2004 a3 sport with the standard sport suspension.

Unfortunately the MPG has suffered on my car which a considerable amount. I have being messing around with different tyre pressure combo's but still cant get it right.

Anyone who has done the same offer any advice whether its a pressure issue or the fact my suspension is higher than a s line that's causing the mpg reading?

Tyres are 225/40 r18



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Thicker tyres make econony worse fact. You got budget tyres or old sporty ones? They can make it worse. I belive eu regs recently made tyre firms discontinue tires and re-design them to certain economic and sound levels. As I was told when hunting a set of falks.


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How drastic has the mpg worsened?


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We had this issue with my a3 when my partner had it car came with 16's and we bought a set of genuine s line/rs6 alloy's and fitted 225.40.18 eagle f1's she always maintained the mpg was a lot worse i'am now selling the 18's and I've bought a set of 17" 5 spoke similar to the a4 s line wheels


the poor mpg may be caused by the tyres themselves! certain tread patterns don't lend themselves to good fuel efficiency.

Any tyre with an E rating isn't going to give you good returns