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Hi everyone. Please can you help me. I’ve bought some rs5 exclusive wingback seats. I’ve had them fitted. Have you guys just been able to fit wingback seats straight in With resistors on and have no problems ? The airbag wiring on seats has had resistors put in both seats which cleared the airbag fault but the airbag fault light is still showing. The fault is saying passenger and drivers seat postition sensors. The garage are saying the wingback seats don’t have the seat position sensors on ? I got told these seats just plug straight in and all I would need to do is put resistors in which is all done and no faults. When they was getting fitted the yellow connector on wingback seat was different from the rs5 standard seat yellow connector. Could anybody please help me I have no car till this is fixed :( I sold my standard seats. will pay anyone who can help me. Much appreciated


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You may be able to get this sorted with some vcds coding maybe. If you don't own vcds you could have a look at the map on here and someone local can sort you out.

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more specific car model would be helpful really as RS5 wingback could be fitted to numerous models and all may have specific install methods.

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hi so sorry. It’s a 2012 facelift rs5. I had the standard recaro sportster seats fitted previously. Everything works as it should on the wingbacks e.g the heated function. The lumbar support. The only thing that is not connected is the airbag yellow connector as this didn’t clip in. Strange as the seat is from the same car. The wingbacks don’t have airbags in so there has been resistors fitted. Now it’s just the position sensors? Do you know if the wingbacks have seat position sensors fitted? As if they don’t I’ve been told to get them coded out but no one seems to be able to have the knowledge to do this. And I’ve hit a brick wall and thousands of pounds spent with a bad result :(
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