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Dads 2012 RS5 stolen from my parents drive 5am this morn in west mids area.

Wasn’t keyless, they sliced the drivers window out and just went with it.

Guessing OBD2 port used. No alarm went off.

Neighbour woke them up to tell them.

Police there quick and it was clocked on ANPR going up the M5 towards BHAM.

Best case scenario for a theft I guess as they didn’t enter the house.

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I'd be fuming. Imho we all need secondary protection on our cars e.g. diskloc or Ghost etc.


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Always in 2 minds with things like that.

Yes I guess if it’s someone who came hoping for a quick and easy then it would put them off but those things could also drive someone to enter your house if they really wanted the car. I’d rather they just took it than entered the house.

In hindsight probably should have at least moved the port...
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