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Good morning everyone, I'm new to the forum here but not new to the Audi scene having owned a few (A1, A4, S3, S5), and I'm looking to the community to share their own experiences/knowledge.

Sadly, recently in a rather convoluted set of circumstances, I had my beloved S5 taken without the keys from a local (supposedly secure) NCP, and it's quite obviously brought home some issues that I wasn't aware of previously with regards to keyless theft, but despite the last 2-3 months of pain, the recovery was made, driver arrested (on many charges) and he is awaiting trial/sentencing; anyway all sorted now, been paid out by my Insurance after the car was written off (15k of damage) and although I am in no rush, I am looking around for a new car around 2013/2014 model and preferably and RS5 (been down the route also of S7, RS6, RS7 etc, but seem to just be out my price range for where I want to be).

The question here is around the combination of security products, and which is in your opinion the best fit. Given the nature of the theft, and Audi's poor response in the respect for their own security, which frankly is a joke, then my first and foremost priority when I do get a car is having something installed as quickly as possible before I even entertain leaving it on my drive.

I've been leaning quite heavily towards the AutoWatch Ghost system @£380 fitted, but I'm unsure here that if I go that route is there any benefit to be shelling out for a Cat5 tracker, when a Cat6 tracker will do? I like the idea of the AWG, just as a complete system shut off without entering a 4-20 button combination or pin, but then I have all kind of other visions. For example as has happened twice with a neighbour now, when after their Jag XFS, in a group of heavy set lads, broke in and took keys by force, holding a knife to her throat; so who's to say they can't do the same when they realise they can't start the car? - Yes I agree I'm painting worst case here and I'm probably over thinking it, but lately the area I live in has been party to, according to the police, an uncontrollable spate of break-ins and vehicle thefts. I mean only two weeks ago one other neighbour had two Focus ST's taken off their drive after a break in.

Of course there is the, "they will do what they need to to get your vehicle" aspect and its all just a prevention measure, but I don't want to make the same mistakes with a 30k+ investment.

But, from a Cat5 vs Cat6 perspective, the main differences being Cat5 has the ADR cards, remote disable and level 1 police response amongst some other minor features, and nuances of insurance, but all in all they are mostly the same. It is leaving with a feeling that I want the potential extras of Cat6, only I'm not seeing the point of ADR if I have the Ghost. Is there a scenario here where even with AWG, ADR is useful? or vice versa for that matter, if I have ADR, do I actually need AWG? Could I just get a ODB Port Protector and go all out on the Tracker with ADR?

For reference I was looking at few:
Cost comparison is a factor which is why I've included it, but its not the primary reason and VP6 seems to be the cheapest up front option by far, when I consider the AWG aspect also. I was however looking at Clifford, as I like the convenience of monthly payments, but the CobraTrack comes with the first year free anyway.

Thanks in advance.
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AWG is what I have opted for,they will never take the car unless you give them the code or they use a crane.
I think having stickers saying its protected helps as well,also security posts,IR lights and as many inconveniences as possible.