RS5 much more to run than S5?


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I am looking at getting a 2014 S5 or RS5. I would obviously prefer the RS5 with the V8 than the S5 6VT for the sound and for the feeling of knowing I have the top of the range. I won't be taking it on a track and so the S5 is probably a more sensible choice put I am still pulled more towards the better looking RS5.

I had been put off the RS5 by the potentially high running costs but is the S5 actually going to be much cheaper as a daily driver (about 7K miles pre year). I know the brakes will be more (not sure how much S5 brakes cost) and the fuel consumption will be higher but is there much else? They share the same gearbox so I would expect major service costs to be similar? I can get a 12 month warranty from Motoreasy that is only about £100 more for the RS.

There are not many S5 cars for sale with Drive Select, sports diff, adaptive suspension etc so it is actually easier to get these features on an RS5.


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Servicing, parts etc on RS models will always be more than S models.

The V8 will always be more thirsty than most other engines.

But with only 7,000 miles a year, I wouldn't really care. If you can afford the RS5, get that.