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RS5 Coupe Sport ED - Brand New at Dealer

Chimp Sep 24, 2019

  1. Chimp

    Chimp Active Member


    I have an opportunity to buy an RS5 Coupe sport edition with mostly the spec I want that is sat at a dealer unregistered.

    They advertised the car at a discount stating brand new etc, when I called they had to check it was available. Some story about that one was sold but they have another exactly the same spec.....and could offer it for the same price although it was an August special price before. I know they have to register it by the end of the month....

    After some negotiation they suggest that they can give more discount etc and give me a little more for my car.

    But, the figures they have sent through show the advertised price (with the discount as before). But also list delivery , registration, tax, the optional extras on top.

    So the extra costs eat away pretty much the deposit I want to put down (I have some negative equity in my car also).

    The question is, would you expect the advertised price included tax, delivery (to dealer from factory), optional extras etc put on the price?? I don't think it should, if it isn't then the monthly payments would be much more palatable.
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  3. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Well-Known Member

    The cost of the car should be the OTR - On The Road price.

    if it’s an Audi Sport edition it can’t have much in the way of optional extras as there’s not much you can add to the already generous spec.
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  4. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The advertised price should be to get it on the road, nothing extra on top.


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  5. Simonwhite2000

    Simonwhite2000 840i GC

    You should be able to haggle like hell. There are a load of these unsold on the trader. Definitely shop around as they start from £58k which seems pretty reasonable.

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