RS4 tyre pressure warning on dashboard computer


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Aug 6, 2011
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I have an 05 Audi RS4 - which I have to say has been no end of hassle to me (I have virtually have to get Audi to rebuild it!!). I have decided to sell it but as I was about to take it to the garage the tyre pressure warning light has come on - I have pressed set on the steering wheel and nothing happens (eg the tyre pressure monitoring menu does not come up) - so I cannot get it to reset the tyre pressures (I had a slightly flat tyre and now ALL tyres are the correct pressure as per manual). I have just had tyres refinished and so would prefer not to have to drive it further than needed as don't want to scuff them! Has anyone seen this fault before and can you advise what to do if the "set" button on the wheel doesn't seem to take you to a menu? Cheers
If the set button isnt working then maybe has a fault, is it solid or flashing?

Scan it with vcds to see what it shows up mate, might be a wheel sensor at fault, atm doesnt sound a major problem so dont panic yet.
if you just had the wheels refurbed
id got for a ****ed up sensor