For Sale RS4/RS5 Sport Exhaust System b9.5 (modified)


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Jul 2, 2016
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Is your 2020 on b9.5 RS4 too quiet?

This system has had the silencers and resonator removed and replaced by straight pipes to release some more noise

This was done whilst fitted to the car and as such ensures perfect fitment. Stainless pipe used and fitted by custom exhaust workshop.

If you’re reading this, then you will be aware how quiet the RS4 b9.5 is due to the OPF/GPF. Avoid warranty issues by keeping your standard exhaust complete and fit either all of this system(as I had) or just the rear/just the down pipes.

With this full system, and combined with a valve controller(see my other listings), the exhaust note is just right IMO. Matches the prestige status of the car without being OTT. Much cheaper than a poor fitting aftermarket system and retain OE looks.

The standard oval tips are black (Sport) and in good unmarked condition. The original Audi valve motors are still fitted. Centre connecting sleeves also included.

Will not split, call 07831 638 482 to discuss the item if you wish. I’ve sold my car, system removed. No issues with poor running, EML or drone.

Please note the downpipe pictures show the modified and non modified downpipes. It is ONLY the left and right MODIFIED pipes that are for sale (along with rear section) in this listing. Pics are for comparison only.

It’s got to be collection only to avoid damage, payment on collection please £750
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