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B9 RS4 queries

Zakalwe May 30, 2020

  1. Zakalwe

    Zakalwe Registered User

    I’m on the verge of pulling the trigger on a cracking deal on a factory build (I will post a separate thread about it as others may wish to take advantage) but having never owned an Audi much less an RS car, I’ve got a few (possibly noddy) queries. I’m using a broker and not directly in touch with a dealer, hence I’m asking here.

    1. Does this car need a running-in service?
    2. What are the main-dealer service costs?
    3. Can the warranty be extended before the expiry of the original 3-year term (assuming full main dealer service history)?
    4. Are there still issues with DRC and should the suspension go wonky is there likely to be any resistance by Audi to covering the work under warranty?
    5. I’ve driven a standardly sprung car and I would happily live with one; however does anybody who has owned this or an RS5 with the DRC have a strong opinion about it either way?

    Cheers in advance.
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  3. RS4Bloke

    RS4Bloke Registered User

    Sorry for abysmally late reply - answers to your questions are probably no longer relevant but just in case...
    1. No - unless you;re doing high mileage, 1st oil change service at 1 year, 1st inspection service is at 2 years
    2. I haven't had mine serviced yet but I'm expecting inspection service to be £500-ish
    3. You can extend the warranty up front or when it's due to expire - not sure if you can extend mid-term
    4. I don't have DRC so can't comment other than...
    5. ...the standard ride options are (imho) brilliant - mine spends the majority of it's time in "comfort"
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  4. elpeterol

    elpeterol Registered User

    Just to agree with rs4bloke I to have standard suspension and it is fine - slightly jiggly on rough roads but no worries about hydraulic leaks!

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