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B8 Rs4 problem

Mohammed Jul 18, 2017

  1. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    hi I brought an 2013 Audi rs4 from audi and two week later my hydraulic pipe was leaking oil. So sent it back today and they have said it's wear and tear. Which I think is b''''''''t just wanna no if anyone has the same issue and if anyone noes my rights could I ask for an exchange or a refund. Thanks
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  3. ruairi83

    ruairi83 Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi A4 Black Edition quattro

    Warranty. Standard on all cars sold by Audi. Used cars have 1 year and new cars have 3 years. I call bullsh it on their behalf
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  4. Chromag

    Chromag Member

    Find out what pressure is in that hose during normal operations and what it is rated for?
    For example If it's only 1 or two bar pressure I'd be arguing that no hose on the planet is manufactured to work at that pressure. They're all made for minimum 10 bar. Oil pressure on large marine diesels is about 4-5 bar but hydraulic pressure can be 3-400 bar easily depending on the application just to give you an idea.

    All mechanical components are tested to minimum 30% over and above their normal operating pressure, temperature, flow etc.
    What's the mileage on the car? Is this something that should have been spotted during the last inspection? Normally when a hose is beyond its life cycle it will cracking and go hard but that is well beyond its life cycle.

    The information you need to find out is what is the hose rated for and what was it working at during normal operations. If working below it's design spec then you can push for material defect.

    I've had Audi warranty try to get out of a few things like this before but I've proved them wrong each time. If they can get out of something, they will.

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