rs4 problem, please help??

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hi all, im new to this forum and i am a owner of a rs4 b7 and having a problem that is making me go mad so any help will be much appreciated.

basically my car has been parked up for about 2-3 weeks over the cold season as it has been snowing here, anyway i tried starting it yesterday and as soon as i turned the key there was no lights on the dash bord what so every, so i presed the start button and the car did not start as the battery was low as the light were dim so i tried jump starting it with another car from the the points at the front of the car NOT the main battery in the back, then i started the car again and this time it turned over and cut of straight away. so i took the battery out and left it on charge overnight, so now the battery if fully chrged so i put it back in and still the same problem no lights show up on the dash atall except the traction light and the abs light and that is it. and when started turns over for about 1-2seconds and then cuts off.

i got my mate with the diagnostics machine to plug it up and check it and it dont let it connect to the ECU or the dashbord

also the fob on the key had stopped working now.

does anyone know what the problem could be?? or what i should do??


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Traction and ABS light on together usually means either a problem with the brake light switch, or both brake light bulbs have blown.


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Sounds a bit more serious than that if you can't connect to the ECU and the keys don't work... Sounds like an immobiliser issue after the battery went flat or a blown fuse somewhere when you jumped it....