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B8 RS4 owner

Robbe Jul 12, 2017

  1. RS4B8LYF

    RS4B8LYF Registered User

    It was Croydon way (don’t want to name) the 507 is my car with the aluminium bonnet and vents and tune plus an extra bit of alcantara to gear lever. All in all the one to go for as it’s the next down from the C63 black series which is my dream car (others are in my list SLS :)) ) btw when I think of my B8.5 S4 I kinda regard that as an all round Best Buy with charger upgrade and mad concave wheels

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  3. Thundercliffe81

    Thundercliffe81 Registered User

    Supercharge upgrade is insanely expensive haha. C63 BS is one of my all time favourite cars man. Just oozes 'special'.

    Who knows, I might go the AMG route in time. It's the only other car I'd consider at this point. The 2019 FL C63S wagon is something I'd really consider alongside the C7 RS6. AMG only guys offering a great V8 in this segment still. Discounting the VXR8.

    But yeah, Miltek on the RS4 will be essential.

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