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B7 RS4: Is it time for coilovers?

bep Apr 27, 2017

  1. bep

    bep Registered User

    Hi all, new to the forum and to the car,

    I suspect the car has the usual DRC issues but just wanted to confirm.
    So the car feels slightly bouncy/floaty over bumps and dips in the road as if there is little or no damping action, and sometimes mid corner if I hit a bump the steering can judder pretty badly. No knocks noticed and found no leaks on inspection.

    If this is the common DRC system faulting I will be looking to replace them myself with some coilovers. Been looking at Bilstein B14, anyone running these or have other recommendations?

    thanks for the advice in advance
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  3. THQuattro

    THQuattro Site Sponsor Site Sponsor Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Hi mate i have KW V3,s on mine and they are very good.

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