RS4 - How to link mobile to Sat-Nav/MMI?


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My father has a new RS4 Avant (B7) and had successfully linked his Samsung mobile into the factory-fit Sat Nav/MMI system via Bluetooth. However he just got a new mobile, also a Samsung, which is refusing point-blank to "find" the car by bluetooth link. My Motorola V3i is also refusing to "find" the car. However, if we stick a simcard back in Dad's old handset, the car and phone happily link up.

This is weird and very annoying. We've read the handbooks of both the car and the phones until we're blue in the face and cannot make either Dad's new phone or mine link up with the car - even though the two phones will find one-another happily enough!

Does anyone know why this might be and how to fix it?



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is the old phone had the same name as the new phone, it might have a different pass key.

Turn the radio off (or just bluetooth) on the car and turn it back on and see what happens. I reckon its your phones though, not the car.

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Hi, You can also reset the bluetooth module though the setup settings in the mmi..

Hope this does the job.


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I'm not sure how we solved it, but we did.

We left the car overnight and tried again in the morning, and hey presto, the car happily linked to any mobile we cared to point at it.

All a bit weird given how many times we'd tried the day before.