RS4 hesitation


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Hi there, got an RS4, been running about in it for about 3 months now, easily the best car I have ever (and are ever) likely to own.
Really just looking for a bit of advice, been reading through some other forums, and have a similar problem that when i put my foot down hard to overtake there seems to be quite a bit of hesitation? It's been into Audi, who to be honest, have not really confirmed anything.
Are there any good Audi garages in lincoln that actually know what they are talking about, rather than making me feel like im imagining it?!
I'm sure that there is an issue, after all ive been driving it for 3 months and it is getting worse.
Any help greatly appreciated!


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B5 or B7?


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Coil pack maybe?


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Carbon build up (inlet manifold / valves)?

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use shell v power, i had the same problem and it was solved after using shell v power